To make sure that the BioExpert Network has the best possible information about your investment opportunity, so that you will receive the most relevant feedback.


​To generate interest in your company and drive requests for information from investors and experts in your sector.

Your deck should be between 15 and 25 pages long, in PDF format. Make sure it reads like a presentation rather than just being a long list of information.


Your deck should cover the following topics:

  • Team
  • The science of the project
  • Business model
  • Maturity/Stage of the project
  • Market: Where is the unmet need? What is the potential market and what proportion of this do you intend to capture?
  • Competitors: Be clear about what stage of development they are at, and what differentiates you
  • Intellectual property: Who owns it, how complete it is and who has advised on your IP strategy
  • Regulatory pathway: Where you are and what steps need to be taken
  • Manufacturing plans (this is especially important if you are in the field of advanced therapeutics- gene/ cell therapies)
  • Risk mitigation chart: What are the main risks to the business? How have you mitigated - and will you mitigate - against these?
  • Financial forecast and balance sheet
  • Investments to date
  • Pre-money valuation (you can give a range of values) and justification for this
  • Expected investment exit strategy

The feedback and scores we receive from the BioExpert Network help Capital Cell to evaluate the projects we receive. If your project is selected for listing on the Capital Cell site, the BioExpert Network scores will be published alongside your investment opportunity.

Feedback from the BioExpert Network will be collected on a discussion forum that you will have access to. You will be able to respond to any questions and doubts that the experts have raised, while they will be able to change the grades and comments they initially made.

Information on the discussion forum can be shared with investors and published on your Capital Cell page, if your company goes ahead with a Capital Cell campaign.

To give yourself the best chance of obtaining relevant feedback, please ensure that your deck directly addresses any concerns that are commonly raised about your company.


Register with the BioExpert Network at:

Your registration here will be linked to your investment opportunity and the experts in the BioExpert Network will be able to contact you directly.

We urge you to make the most of this opportunity to support your business.