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Cebiotex is developing local control solutions for post-surgical oncology, such as the CEB-01, a membrane containing antitumor drugs with which the area surrounding the extracted tumor (the surgical site) can be wrapped. Cebiotex’ membrane is inert, nontoxic, is easily reabsored and can be used with the most effective drug for each tumor type.

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New​ ​Bio-Materials​ ​(nanofibers) for​ ​healthcare​ ​services

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El problema

When an oncological surgeon removes a cancer tumor, there is a medical need to ensure the surgical site is free of cancer cells. During 3-4 weeks after the procedure no radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments can be applied in order to enable scarring of the wound. This 3-4 weeks are crucial because, if cancer cells are left, these can reproduce quickly without any treatment, growing the tumor back, which may later be hard to contain with radio or chemotherapy.

37% of all breast cancers removed eventually regrow; in the case of Glioblastoma, the regrowth rate after surgical removal is almost 100%, with a life expectancy under 14 months.

This membrane greatly limits the viability of cancer cells remaining after the surgical procedure. When applying this membrane directly on the tissues, its efficacy is very high without the need to remove large amounts of tissue during the intervention.

La solución

In particular, CEB-01’s system is designed for soft tissue sarcoma and is formed by a 3D structure of biocompatible and biodegradable nanofibers (PLGA) containing cytostatic SN-38. The membrane, after releasing the cytostatic locally for weeks, is biodegraded and disappears. It has shown a very promising efficacy and toxicology in in-vivo experiments.

Left: tumor reproduction in mice after removal of Ewing’s sarcoma and implantation of Cebiotex’ CEB-01 membrane: NO TUMOR CELL VIABILITY.

Right: tumor reproduction in mice after removal of Ewing’s sarcoma without implantation of Cebiotex’ CEB-01 membrane. TUMOR REPRODUCTION.

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