Steps to close an investment round

Follow the process below and receive the money in 3 months.

1) Analyze your investment opportunity - 2 days

First, we need to know your business opportunity.
Send us your company's pitch deck and make sure it includes the information detailed here. detailed here..
Our team will evaluate it and contact you.

2) The BioExpert Network and the consultancy Alira Health evaluate your proposal - 2 weeks

All investment opportunities are evaluated by the BioExpert Networkan independent network of 3,500+ investors and experts in science, patents, regulatory, finance, company valuation, etc. Once this phase has been passed and the decision to proceed to prepare the investment round has been made, the project is evaluated by Alira HealthThe project is then evaluated by the Life Sciences & Healthcare team, an international consultancy that provides a set of integrated services designed to help companies in the healthcare and life sciences sector.

3) Prepare your campaign material - 2 weeks

Once your proposal has been approved by the BioExpert Network and Alira Health and we see that your company is ready to launch a financing round, it will be time to start preparing your campaign and create your investment opportunity page. Simultaneously, we will perform a financial and legal due diligence.

4) Promote your investment round: private campaign - 2-3 weeks

Your campaign page will start out private while you generate traction among investors. During this phase, interested investors will be able to reserve shares.

At this point, it is very important that you disseminate and promote your campaign page; Capital Cell will guide you in getting visibility for your investment opportunity.

5) Spreading the word about your investment opportunity: public campaign - 4-6 weeks

Once you have raised close to 40% of the round, the public campaign will begin and we will help you promote your company's investment opportunity:

    • we will highlight your investment opportunity on the homepage of Capital Cell
    • we will send 4 emails to our 16800+ investors about your opportunity
    • we generate your company's Investment Opportunity Sheet
    • we will improve your sales pitch
    • we will invite you to events with investors
    • we will organize a webinar together

6) You achieve your goal - you receive the money - 3 weeks

Once you have reached your target or up to 125% of it, we will close your investment round.

The capital increase will then be notarized and, finally, the deposit account that has collected your investors' investments will transfer the money to your company's account.


If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.